About & Mission

Artistellar was founded in 2020 as an innovative gallery concept showcasing the most exciting emerging talents during the covid pandemic. Later, the gallery adopted a nomadic concept of pop up shows in different locations around London accompanied by exclusive online shows. In September 2022, Artistellar Gallery opened its first permanent space in central ( 39 Margaret street, Fitzrovia) London to support and elevate the most cutting-edge emerging artist.


Artistellar Gallery presents a diverse selection of emerging artists from around the world. In particular, we like to focus on elevating relevant women artists who take up about 70% of our artist roster.  Artistellar Gallery seeks to discover new talents who respond to the world's current issues and matters and expose them to local and international audiences and collectors.  By removing the traditional gallery stigma and elitisms, Artistellar Gallery targets the new generation of art collectors.


Artistellar Gallery is proud to have discovered and worked with some noteworthy artists who continued to prosper and exhibit internationally. These artists include: RICHARD BURTON, PETER CVIK, ANNABEL FAUSTIN, STEFANIA TEJADA, AMY BEAGER, ISABELLE MCCORMICK, ARJEN, KRISTY CHAN, GEROGIA DYMOCK, STUDIO LENCA, TANG SHUO, JEANINE BRITO and ORIELE STEINER.


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