Oriele Steiner

Oriele Steiner (b. 1993, England) is a painter living in London. She received her BA in Fine Art in 2015 at the University of Brighton and attended the ​Turps Banana Correspondence Course in 2021-2022. She experiments with colour and light in her paintings to construct whimsical semi-narrative compositions. Her ‘British’ sense of humour reveals itself in her tasteful balance of comical and dark themes. Her work has been exhibited in galleries all across the United Kingdom, in London, Edinburgh, Brighton, and also in Amsterdam.

Oriele Steiner offers an insightful portrayal of sensuality and multiplicity of the female form. The artist uses grotesquely colourful almost cartoon-like figures to create unsettling parallels between landscapes and human bodies. Their anamorphic shapes echo each other on her canvases. This allows surreal compositions to be filled with various conflicting emotions.