Kidd Murray

Kidd Murray is a visual artist whose works question ideas of the unnatural and natural, the commodification and artificiality of nature. Murray is interested in the processes, tools and structures implemented by society as a means to modify, dominate and domesticate our immediate natural environment. Murray’s work depicts plants and trees which have been designed and engineered by man, removing all natural features and functions. Instead, they have been designed using man-made materials, such as synthetic hair, and plastic. Murray’s Fruit Tree series presents fruit trees which have been groomed and cut to resemble the fruit which they bare- for identification purposes. Plaited hair and bows symbolise the domesticity of the once natural, as well as evoking a sense of disgust, as one imagines the ill combination of sweet fruit and the sensation of eating hair. Although these engineered trees appear soft and angelic, they serve as a reminder of the often damaging and toxic relationship between the environment and its inhabitants.