Johanna Seidel

''When I think of the ideal feeling one might have when looking at one of my paintings, I think of evening light in blades of grass, and stories told behind slightly ajar doors''.

Johanna Seidel (b. 1993, Germany) is a visual artist based in Dresden, Germany. Her work primarily deals with the subject of nature. Johanna approached different perceived realities through a lyrical visual language, which involves symbols from history, mythology, and dreams. Blending dreams and reality allows Johanna to create her own world on the canvas. From a palette in which shades of violet, pink, orange, and green play an important role, Johanna develops stories and still images that exist in an atmospheric space, condensing memories and imaginings into abstract moments that become accessible and experienceable.

Johanna did her MFA at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden and has exhibited in several group shows in France and Germany since then. This year she also had her first solo show at Galerie Mellies in Detmold, Germany.