Ethel Coppieters

'  I take my inspiration from right next to me, I paint what I know.'
Ethel Coppieters was born in Brussels in 1996. She studied at the Brussels School of Graphic Research for 5 years, where she obtained her studies in Painting after spending a year at the Lisbon School of Fine Arts. 
Ethel Coppieter's work is based on carefully observing her generation's daily life and following the seasons' moods: the rain or returning spring,   girls in bars, games, and the city of Brussels. Her characters, often inspired by women in her life, inhabit intimate spaces with tight frames in paintings that explore the vulnerability of our lives. Her characters have mysterious beauty, with almost absent, apathetic faces. Their figures reference classical feminine curves while being enhanced by highly contemporary narrative elements such as accessories, clothing, and objects that characterize the identity of the young generation. These scenes of everyday life, which are anecdotal, embody a shared experience. They produce a dialogue between the intimate and the universal, a conversation between the canvas and the viewer.